Let Your Vision Be Your Legacy

Tissue Provided

Lone Star Lions Eye Bank provides the following tissues:


PKP Cornea
Full thickness cornea grafts preserved in OGS. The Eye Bank will obtain information about preferred D-P restrictions, cell count, and age to offer the most suitable tissue for each request.

EK Tissue

Standard DSAEK Tissue is prepared using a microkeratome. Anterior stroma is aligned and adhered to endothelial graft with a peripheral marking. Available thickness: 70-150 microns.

Available Markings
S-stamp: The stroma of the graft is stamped with an ‘s’ for orientation. Centration Dot A center mark is placed on anterior cap to aid in trephination. Cardinal Gutter Marks Four small dots are placed at the graft periphery for trephination. Custom markings and thicknesses can be provided upon request.

Graft diameter (approx. 9mm) is created using a manual score. Descemet’s is then lifted with the scuba technique. 

Punch Through S-stamp A 2mm circular stromal plug is removed and the anterior descemet’s is stamped with a micro ‘s’. The residual stromal plug is reinserted. Pre-Punched DMEK After preparation, graft is punched to 7.25, 7.5, or 8.0mm saving time in the Operating Room. 

Hinge Location Options Standard Peripheral Hinge Descemet’s is peeled from one end leaving a peripheral 2mm attachment. Hinge is denoted with a triangular mark. Center Hinge Descemet’s is separated from four quadrants inward, leaving a central 2mm attachment.

Corneas for Tectonic Use
LSLEB provides corneas for tectonic use including preserved in glycerin. LSLEB can also provide sterile corneas. Corneas are available in wholes and halves.

Sclera is preserved in ethanol and is available in whole, half and quarter. LSLEB can also provide sterile sclera.

Research and Training
LSLEB understands the significance of research and the need to have available training tissue. Whole Eyes, corneas, and posterior poles are provided for research and surgeon training.