Let Your Vision Be Your Legacy

Board Directors

2018-2019 Board of Directors (Lions)
Karen Walker Ratcliffe, President
Al Hedtke, First Vice President
Janice Tooke, Second Vice President
Nelia Barrera, Third Vice President
Michael Beal, Treasurer
Margaret Polansky, Secretary

District 2-S3 Directors
Linda Davis, Governor
Larkin Smith, 1st Vice District Governor
Gary Fuchs, 2nd Vice District Governor
Leland Stevens (Region I)
Michael Beal (Region II)
Dave Nalle (Region III)
Nelia Barrera (Region IV)
Ray Pitzen (Region V)
Karen Walker Ratcliffe (At Large)
Doris Treadwell (Honorary)

District 2-S5 Directors
James Haverland, Governor
Mark Ulrich, 1st Vice District Governor
Vance Elliott, 2nd Vice District Governor
Mike Turby (Region I)
April Feray (Region II)
Don Hovis (Region III)
Al Hedtke (Region IV)
Mary Walker (Region V)
Margaret Polansky (At Large)
Michael Wilson (Honorary)

District 2-X3 Directors
Lisle Meeker, Governor
John Noles, 1st Vice District Governor
Pat Phagan (Region A)
Dr. Ron Redder (Region B)
Janice Tooke (Region C)
Rev. Curtis Holland (At Large)
Mike Ludlow (At Large)
Amy Bradley (At Large)