Lone Star Lions Eye Bank is a 501(c)(3) Texas non-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation of sight through:

  • Raising donor awareness in Texas, the United States and the world
  • Collecting, processing and distributing human corneas and ocular tissue to physicians for transplant
  • The support of research
  • Providing educational programs to the medical community and general public

There is no substitute for human tissue. Corneal transplants offer those suffering from corneal blindness a new chance at a healthy and productive life.

By choosing to be an eye and cornea donor, you may provide someone with the priceless gift of sight. And, through research, your invaluable contribution can advance the discovery of the causes of many sight disorders as well as treatments and cures.

Lone Star Lions Eye Bank has been operating in Central Texas for over 40 years and is a proud member of the Eye Bank Association of America.